Our qualified instructors provide a safe and nurturing environment that both challenges children to learn new skills while simultaneously praising, reinforcing, and building their self-confidence.

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Dan Levi
Originally from New York, Dan the Man has studied both physical education and child psychology. Dan started doing gymnastics at the age of five, and by the time he was in high school, Dan was competing at the NCAA college level as part of a gymnastics team at Westpoint Academy. Dan learned to coach gymnastics from the same team that trained Olympic gold medalist Svetlana Boginskaya (Seoul, 1988) and worked extensively with younger gymnasts.

Moving to southern California in 1999, Dan transitioned to circus gymnastics for a year, learning a number of circus performing arts skills including ball-walking, stilt-walking, acrobatics, trampoline, and even clowning. Returning to gymnastics coaching, Dan worked at a series of children’s gyms in the Los Angeles area. However, Dan became frustrated as he discovered that most children’s gymnastics programs seemed either to be too serious and regimented (strict even for children as young as 3-years-old) or else were little more than indoor playgrounds with no actual gymnastics equipment or specific skills being taught.

Eventually, with his own daughter turning one-year-old and ready for her first introduction to gymnastics, Dan decided to start his own gym facility that would be a lively and engaging “middle ground” for children–not so regimented to lose the fun of gymnastics but still structured enough to teach children useful skills, body awareness, and lay the foundation of an active and healthy lifestyle. And because his own daughter would be growing up in this gym, Dan wanted to offer classes for children beyond just babies and toddlers. Dan created a series a gymnastics programs for children aged 12 months to 12 years, combining free play and age-appropriate instruction, with classes covering all disciplines of gymnastics skills, as well as specialty classes in sports concepts and even in circus arts and acrobatics.

In the many years since, Dan the Man’s SUPERKIDS gym has provided children with a fun, safe, nurturing environment to learn and enjoy gymnastics without undue stress or pressure. Students are challenged but always with support and encouragement. The gym’s many classes slowly evolve and develop alongside the children as they get older and gain new skills, abilities, and self-awareness. Along the way, they build strength and confidence, experience camaraderie and socialization, and gain a respect for their instructors, for their bodies, and for themselves.

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Amber Blake
Amber holds a fitness certification in both biomechanics and personal training and has been working with children since 2005. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Amber is married and lives in Los Angeles. She joined Dan the Man’s Superkids staff as an instructor in 2010 and now serves as Gym Director while also working daily with children at all age groups in our various classes.

When you walk into the gym, that’s likely Amber’s smiling face greeting you and your child.