dynamic doers class

At this age, your child is ready to come in and participate without a parent!  We begin teaching the concept of lifelong healthy living through exercise, along with building a foundation of skills, strength, and coordination on a variety of different apparatus — all in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

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Age Range:
3 – 4 years

Parent Involvement:

Warm-up exercises and stretching, obstacle courses, group skills

Skill Goals:
Coordination, strength building, gymnastics

Class Duration:
60 minutes

A typical class:

The class begins after a few minutes of open play in the gym.  Students come together in a circle to introduce themselves and meet the instructors of the class.  Our warm-up for this age group is done in an exciting, interactive way, including running and jumping as a class in a variety of different ways to a different fun song each week.

After a good cardiovascular warm-up, we then learn several stretches focusing on individual parts of the body.  In this class, we do a fun activity that we call “animal walks.”  Our students pretend to be animals like bears, frogs, crabs, bunnies and more, while simultaneously learning coordination, building strength, and developing gymnastics skills

By now the students bodies are fully warmed up and ready to learn their skills for the week. Students split into smaller groups where they learn and practice a single skill one-on-one with an instructor.  Typically children will rotate groups and learn up to three different skills in a single class.  Skills include fun coordination/strength building activities such as monkey bars or climbing the rock wall or cargo net, as well as beginner gymnastics skills such as handstands, trampoline, tumbling, and more!

As a reward for putting in such hard work and giving it their all, students are given a few minutes to take a break, run around, and have some free time and open play in the gym.

After free play, the instructors finish class time with an obstacle course (we build a different one every week!) that is specifically designed for the children to learn balance, build strength, and develop their coordination.

Here’s a look at an actual 60-minute class, condensed down to 5 minutes of highlights.